Sexy Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide

What is Mercury Retrograde?

You’ve probably heard a friend blame a wacky occurrence on Mercury Retrograde, or seen a meme making fun of it, but what is it? A retrograde occurs when a planet seems to be moving backwards in the sky, from our vantage point on Earth. Planets don’t actually move backwards, but this optical illusion does have residual effects for us here on Earth. When a planet retrogrades, the things that the planet rules tend to go awry and be thrown off, as well as whatever is ruled by the sign that it is retrograding within. The planet Mercury rules over communication, travel, and technology. It helps us get messages across by controlling both what we say and also how we process what we hear from others. So Mercury retrograde is known for bringing confusion, forgetfulness, and communication issues. Basically life itself becomes a series of obstacles.

Charge your favorite vibrator before playtime during Mercury Retrograde

Since Mercury rules everything with moving parts and technology. It can cause all sorts of them to break down or get on the fritz! So making sure your toy is charged is the best way to make sure your time with your toy goes smoothly. This is not the time to try something new, I would say charge your favorite up and save exploration for when things are back to normal.

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Discover new porn or erotica to keep things hot during Mercury Retrograde

It’s a great time for reflection, even if it’s not a great time for action. So low risk exploration is the safest bet. Explore a new kink, or content creator and find something new that turns you on. Find new erotica here.

or join Crash Pad and find diverse queer porn to turn you on here.

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Catch up on self care during Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is actually a blessing in disguise because it means we can take a step back and look at the world around us and assess our strategy. If we are always charging forward, we can sometimes miss out on important details. It’s hard to balance our minds and watch as new information is revealed from the retrograde that we can integrate into our lives after it. Use this retrograde as a reason to slow down. Don’t rush through your errands (or your digital communications!). Give yourself time to eat, relax, catch up with a friend, reflect, whatever it is you need. Soak up each activity so you can really see the present moment in front of you. It’s harder to feel out of it when your mind and body are relaxed. Taking the time to slow down will keep you from making impulsive decisions and allow you to see things clearly. Find self care supplies here, my favorite is the Sliquid Soak bubble bath!

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Enjoy things you know bring you pleasure during Mercury Retrograde

Renewing patterns, actions or projects that you previously began before will be extra effective to return to. Use this Mercury Retrograde to Reflect and Grow. Think about breaking out your journal and take advantage of the emotions you might feel during this time. Listen to the voice in your head and try to understand if it’s really serving you—or if it’s actually pushing you in a less-than-helpful direction. Since your feelings may be all over the place right now, you may as well use this time to understand them better rather than fight them. Take time for yourself and make your space sexier with my tips here.

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Keep plans light and flexible during Mercury Retrograde

Not making major life decisions during Mercury retrograde is something everyone can agree. Not only can logistical hang-ups curb even the best laid plans, but you may not be in the ideal frame of mind to make decisions that can have a huge effect on your life. Use this time to dream and plan but not to act just yet.

Be extra mindful about communication during Mercury Retrograde

Don’t assume you’re being ignored, and give people time to get back to you. But the moment things get weird, speak to the person clearly. Text leaves room for interpretation and mercury retrograde can exacerbate the situation. Triple check all digital communication so that you can stay on top of trying to avoid slip ups. Or focus on yourself and learn how to have a love affair with yourself.

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So good luck! Tell me any other tips you have for surviving this wacky time.