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Crash Pad Episode 231: James Darling and Sapphire Sexcapade

If you’re not familiar with ‘Crash Pad’ check out my post here.

crash pad
crash pad

If I was to say I’m excited for a Scene with James Darling would be an understatement. I met him once at a Queer Porn viewing and got a picture but was too shy to say anything else. So I have to admire him from afar. Newbie Sapphire Sexcapade is equally as sexy and I’ll have to follow her now and see what other sexy goodies she has in store for the world. She has that resting bitch face that turns me on.

For starters their outfits were cute, like they just went to the Crash Pad after a 2nd or 3rd date.

Cute, but not too slutty but the you take off your sweater and you knew she was ready to go with that sexy bra. Like the infinite wisdom of ’10 things I hate about you’ black underwear means you want to get laid.

crash pad

The chemistry is all there, kind of nervous and tentative but so real. You can tell they both are into each other. All the sensual touching and kissing just sets all your nerve endings on high alert and makes everything more intense.

crash pad
“Fishnets are made to be torn” could not be a truer statement.

Watching James ring Sapphires fishnets was so hot. As well as James putting on that glove to warm her up with his hands. Safe sex can be sexy. The look and feel of gloves has always been something sexy to me. It plays with sensation and texture and makes everything smooth.

crash pad

Face to face mutual masturbation is a great way to look into your partners eyes and communicate with them about speed, intensity, number of fingers etc. It makes it so much easy to read their non verbal tells as well. My favorite position is doggy style which the performers get into as well. Watching Sapphire put James hand on her was great. Always tell your partner in one way or another what you want or need. They aren’t a mind reader and most people will gladly give you what you want. (if they won’t, maybe stop fucking them.)

Seeing that post orgasm come down, with cuddes and kisses is really endearing and intimate to watch and it’s great to see that.

Now the greatest thing ever is my best friend, The Magic Wand  (you can read about it here) comes out and it’s the first time for Sapphire and that is just magical. Everyone should try one. It changes lives!!! That was a genuine uninhibited orgasm and that makes everything perfect.

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