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What is ‘Crash Pad’ you say?

If you’re not familiar with CrashPad, you should be!!

About them from their site: “Based on the Award-Winning feminist queer porn The Crash Pad, Queer Filmaker Shine Louise Houston brings to the web authentic female and queer sexuality. Here you’ll find real dyke porn, lesbians, femme on femme, boi, stud, genderqueer and trans-masculine performers, transwomen, transmen, queer men and women engaging in authentic queer sexuality, whether it is with safer sex, strap-on sex, cocksucking, kink and bdsm, gender play and fluidity, and always authentic orgasms.”

So all in all the performers are allowed creative freedom and bodily autonomy.

Meaning, they pick who they work with, what they wear, what they want to do in the scene, how they are presented to the public and more. It’s incredibly sexy and empowering for queer people, and people that don’t see themselves in mainstream porn.

The voyeuristic way it is set up is a dream for those with exhibitionist or voyeuristic leanings. It also gives it an artsy edge that makes it less sleazy, but in no way less sexy. The way it works is the physical ‘Crash Pad’ where the performers do their scenes can only be entered with a golden key. If you get this key you have the green light to the ‘Crash Pad’! but like everything fun in life, there is a rule. The key can only be used 7 time.

The ‘Crash Pad’ is like sexy heaven.

The lube never runs out, the sheets are always clean (no matter how much you soaked them the night before), and your wildest fantasies can come true. And the best part is there is no boner killer, ethical issues.

They are active with consent and sexual health practices. They follow all guidelines and the performers pick their barriers so you know everyone feels comfortable and sexy. They have no archaic pay scales like most other porn companies do. And since performers build their scenes (they pick their outfit, barriers, scene activities, etc) you know they are into it and the fun is real.

The diversity is also not limited to their performers themselves.

I appreciate the range of scenes from vanilla and sensual to kinky and rough. There really is something for everyone. I dare you to look through and not find one episode that turns you on!!

The website itself is very user friendly and easy to navigate. You can search by performer if you have a crush on someone it’s the easiest way to touch yourself to your favorite performer, or if you have a kink search for that! There’s no wrong way to browse.

Keep up the amazing job ‘Crash Pad’ and to the Queers involved, stay sexy and perverted!!


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