Tips for Creating Spicy Content When You’re Burnt Out

Are you a spicy content creator and just feeling burnout and don’t know how to help yourself? Looking for Tips for Creating Spicy Content? The world is a weird place right now, but if you’re an online content creator you gotta keep on, keeping on. Even when the world feels like it’s burning around us, and we’re facing new challenges we never thought we’d have to deal with all while trying to be creative. It’s tough!! Research shows that burnout has three dimensions: emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced personal accomplishment.

When you’re emotionally exhausted, you feel tired emotionally, but often emotional fatigue can present itself physically and cognitively. Maybe this means that you’re unable to concentrate, or you’re easily upset or angered, or that you get sick more often, or maybe you have difficulty sleeping. Depersonalization can appear in feelings of alienation from and cynicism towards the people your job requires you to interact with.

It’s reduced personal accomplishment that can create a cycle where creativity suffers. When you’re burned out, your capacity to creative is diminished, and thus so is your belief in yourself.

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Allow yourself to take a break

I know this feels impossible but sometimes you just need to disconnect for a day, a week, or longer. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and looking at a to-do list that feels like it never ends, taking a break feels like the last thing you should do. But breaks aren’t something to feel guilty about. They’re a necessary part of the creative process. And more than that, they’re proven to improve productivity.

Plan Ahead

The best tip for creating spicy content is to start by sitting down and writing out a 6-12-month content calendar. Think through what general topics you’d like to cover, and remember to include seasonal content. If that seems too ambitious, start by planning out a week ahead, or a full month.

If you’re looking for ideas on what topics make the most sense for your target audience, ask your current followers! Post on social media asking what type of topics they’d be interested in, and what type of content they prefer (video, podcasts, blogs, etc.). You can use their answers to create your very own content calendar that you already know your ideal audience is interested in.

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Reach out to a friend or colleague

Even if all you do is complain to each other, connecting to other people is important tip for creating spicy content. Collaborate with others that are already in your industry or your creative friends can offer valuable insight into your work. Collaboration and teamwork are known to have a synergistic and refreshing effect on creative projects. 

Think of it this like, doing the same thing over and over can lead to fatigue super quick, so prioritizing having tools and references that can stimulate your imagination can help you create new content. try to have a wide variety of resources to hold on to for discovering new ideas, such as listening to podcasts, reading books, or conversing with people from different fields. Keep in mind that the content you consume doesn’t even have to relate to what you do for this to be helpful! Good and interesting content is exactly that, good content. Regardless of their topic you can learn from all creators.

Maintain Work Life Balance

If you’re a content creator it typically means you’re not working a 9-5 job. This also can mean you’re constantly working because, you know <HUSTLE> and that isn’t sustainable. An equally important tip for creating spicy content is set working times for yourself and try not to be constantly putting pressure on yourself to work and create at all hours of the day. Feel free to jot down notes to remember for when you are working.

When building your content calendar, you need to be honest with yourself about how often you’ll be able to create content. And keep in mind you want to be realistic about your output because some days you’ll need to create while you’re feeling your best, and other days might just be your worst. When you’re feeling energized about your business, you’re more likely to get it done and create more engaging content. But if you’re burnt out, you’ll probably figure out that you slow down and have a hard time finding inspiration. Knowing your own pace is half the battle.

Create your content calendar with your pace in mind. When you ‘re creating your calendar, think about the most productive way you for you as an individual can strive for consistency. This can also mean when you’re in the zone, you’ll take advantage of that creative energy for all it’s worth. If that means working a little longer on one day than you expected to, do it anyway and take that time back when the burnout does hit. Which boils down to knowing when to take a break.

Some techniques worth trying are:

  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • Mass creating your blog posts or outlines (i.e. doing a bunch at one time)
  • Figuring our your most productive time of day and scheduling all your writing work within that time
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Change up your surroundings

It can be helpful to switch things up. Seek out a new environment, both offline and online. I know better then anyone about small spaces to work in, so think small scale if you’re not able to expand your space or revamp it. Simply adding more greens and plants can reinvigorate a space. You can also try to work in a different spot a few days a week. Weather permitting, you can try to get some work done outdoors.

Stacking similar tasks on your to-do list is another way you’re likely to hit a wall when it comes to creating content. So try to look for ways to mix things up in the way you’re creating. The easiest way to get more variation is with the types of activities you’re doing. For example, if you start your day with a lot of writing, follow that up with something completely different like managing graphics or filming videos. Even mixing up long form and short form writing can make a big difference. 

Keep this in mind for your online life. Who or what companies you follow online can vastly impact your headspace. Try following creators who have entirely different niches to get fresh insight and new inspiration sources. And unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad! No more hate following folks.

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Have some private social media

Having to curate a public persona for spicy content creators can be exhausting and sometimes you just want to complain to your personal friends. The rants, the off brand thoughts, the struggles, the things that may turn off potential customers. Having a space to put those thoughts can be helpful to some folks. So if you think having a burner account can help you please make one.

Create something just because you want to

A passion project can bring new energy into your day to day life. A passion project can mean doing something during your spare time that makes you happy. It almost brings you back to the reason why you started making content in the first place. It’s highly flexible and personal to you. So that might mean writing something off topic for you, or filming a dance video for tiktok when all you typically make is infographics. Create something just because it’s fun for you is the most satifying tip for creating spicy content

Don’t forget to rest.

Don’t push yourself over capacity. If you know it takes you a week to shoot a video, or publish a new blog post. Don’t try to over schedule yourself with tasks. We’re aiming for quality work, not quantity with content creation. And don’t forget to sleep! the are a ton of harmful effects that all come from not getting enough sleep. For instance, a lack of sleep contributes to poor focus and cognitive function. Worse yet, it can possibly lead to serious health problems down the line. 

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Recycle and build on past content

When we need a new piece of content, the immediate reaction is usually to create something from scratch, but sometimes that’s not the ideal way to move forward. Before you start any new project, remember to take a step back and see what you content you already have. In other words, look for opportunities to expand on previously made content, gather followe generated content or even re-visit pieces you’ve already created previously.

Go forth

Now with all these tips you can move forward well organized with actionable steps to avoiding burnout and keeping your creative juices flowing!

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