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Take any review with a grain of salt

Shopping for a sex toy can be overwhelming. The number one thing I hear is “there’s so many choices!”

Reading sex toy reviews can certainly help you choose your next toy purchase, the internet is full of reviews. Pretty much anything on Amazon will have reviews. Most people when using Amazon will go straight to the rating section and read comments other people have made about the product.

It’s also easy to just Google the sex toy’s name or company.

You may even something search for something broader like “butt plug reviews” to find what you’re looking for. But when everyone who has access to sex toys likely has access to computers, can all reviews be trusted?

My thought process on this particular topic started with a bad review of a toy I actually love.

I’m not offended by the bad review, everyone is entitled to their opinion, however I wish some reviews were more impartial. Talking about good qualities vs. bad qualities and then go into a personal review of if the reviewer actually liked the toy.

One of my biggest pet peeves is the list of most popular sex toys on Amazon. Being a best seller does not necessarily equate to being a good toy, or even a toy that’s good for what you, the consumer, is looking for.  Most of the toys on the list were made from low quality materials, such as jelly, that are not body safe.

Buzzfeed also loves to post lists of favorite toys, but again, the writer simply copied-and-pasted the replies of people who offered their review about which inexpensive toys they love, rather than actually doing research to find out which toys are good (and safe). There was no disclaimer on whether or not these items were safe for use, or information on better quality options.

If you want to learn more about toys or a specific review please leave it up to the experienced bloggers and reviewers.

Specifically avoid reviews from the folks that don’t write or teach about sexuality– like round-up lists on Buzzfeed or reviews on Amazon, and opt for reviews on dedicated sexuality sites that have a clear knowledge of safety and products. Think of how you want to use the toy, your price range, and use deductive reasoning to pick out your next toy!!

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