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Peanut Butter & Jelly Toy Pairings

Sometimes people come into the shop I work at and want one magical toy to do everything for them. And while I hope they find it, that probably isn’t the most realistic request.

There’s no shame in having multiple sex toys. Maybe some do something that another doesn’t do, or maybe you just want different sensations. You’re allowed to play around with your pleasure and have a collection of toys. I do!

Tantus Ripple and Jejoue Mimi. 


The Tantus Ripple is Tantus’s version of anal beads. They are great toys for beginners or more experienced anal adventurers. The ripple also comes in 3 sizes so they literally have the size for everyone. Then there’s the Jejoue Mimi, it is a pebble shaped external vibe that has a great rumbly motor. The nice part of the pebble shape is you can either use the flat part or the tip for more pinpointed vibration. The flat base of the ripple works perfectly with the flat shape of the Mimi. Just put the toy against the flat base to transmit the vibrations through the toy. The Jejoue Mimi Soft has deep rumbly vibrations which transmit really wonderfully with any silicone toy. Or use it anywhere else on the body while you’re doing butt stuff to help relax your muscles.

Get the Mimi soft here.

Get the Tantus Ripple here.

​Snake bites and Magic Wand rechargeable. 


Snake Bites were originally designed as a camping accessory to literally pull venom out of snake bites but has since been adapted by the sexually adventurous. The strong suction that is produced will arouse your nipples or clit and increase sensitivity. If you put the snake bites on clits or nipples then put the wand on top of the snake bites, the vibration surrounds wherever you placed the snake bites. It add vibration all around and creates a brand new experience, which is different then vibrating nipples clamps because it creates light suction instead of a pinching or tension sensation from clamps.

Get the magic wand here.

Get snake bite kit here.

​Lelo Mona Wave and We Vibe Wish


The Lelo Mona Wave gently stimulates the g spot with a come here motion and perfectly shaped bulb. It is one of the most anatomically accurate g spot toys, since the g spot does the best with firm pressure stimulation. While the We Vibe Wish cups the vuvla and provides full vulva stimulation instead of pinpointed clit stimulation. The combination of the two toys in a sensation party. I also like using an internal toy and external toy because a lot of the time, especially for me personally, dual stimulation vibes don’t line up with my anatomy in a way that’s enjoyable. So to be able to personalize where the vibration and stimulation falls is ideal for me.

Get the Wish here.

Get the Mona Wave here.

​JimmyJane Form 2 and Magic Wand Rechargeable.

Want to take your clit orgasms to the next level? The form 2 is great because it has 2 prongs that both have a motor in the tip. Surround the clit with the two prongs of the form two, each of the prongs has a motor with a large range of intensity so you can find your perfect vibration level. This will stimulate the legs of the clit. Then put the wand on directly on top of the clit and stimulate the head of the clit and get ready for the most intense orgasms of your life. Want to read more about why I love the magic wand, click here.

Get the magic wand here.

Get the Form 2 here.

​Tantus Pro Touch and We Vibe Tango

The Tantus Pro Touch is the perfect toy for anal beginners or experienced users. Its shape gradually get bigger so it’s a great toy to work up in size. Plus the curve will stimulate the prostate or give some indirect g spot stimulation. To enhance the vibration put a We Vibe Tango in it, this rechargeable toy has a deep rumbly motor that will transmit through the Pro Touch perfectly.

Get the Protouch here.

Get the Tango here.


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