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If you’re waiting to lose weight to wear lingerie, read this!!

One of my least favorite things to hear is “I need to lose weight to fit this”

I’ve heard it all before. You don’t want to buy that sexy outfit until you’re at least 10, 15, 20+ pounds thinner than you are now. I don’t hate breaking this to you, but there is plenty of lingerie in bigger sizes, click here to see some. And most importantly clothes need to fit you, you don’t need to lose weight to fit clothes.

body positivity

Maybe you think that if you buy clothes now, at your current size, it’s somehow an admission to the world that you’re happy where you are and you won’t then lose the weight.

You’re allowed to be happy where you are, even if you are on a journey to changing your body or just your eating habits. You’re allowed to be happy at this size, a bigger size, and a smaller size.

With all the pressures from magazines and the media, it can be easy to succumb to the pressures of being a certain size. Please don’t subscribe to this one-type-fits-all outlook. Not only does it erode your confidence, but it can affect how you view your self-worth. Instead, ignore the noise and embrace the size that you are. People come in all shapes and it’s important to embrace your body.

Here are some reasons why waiting to lose weight to feel better about yourself and wear that sexy outfit you want is not healthy.

It keeps you feeling like shit about yourself.

If you keep trying to fit into things that weren’t made for your body, you’re going to feel like your body is the culprit. NOPE! The clothes are, get clothes that fit and you’ll feel so much better about yourself.

It keeps you trapped in this fantasy…that being thinner is somehow your ticket to a new life.

You think that you’ll dress differently, act differently, and live differently when you’re smaller. Waiting on weight loss is delaying what you deserve right now. Feeling confident and sexy at any size you are.

It only compounds the torturous relationship you have with your body.

If you’re already struggling to find peace with your body, you don’t need an added means of torture. And that’s what this is. Lingerie should make you feel sexy and confident when you put it on. It also makes you feel like a failure about yourself. If you’re only “allowed” to buy certain clothes when you’re thin, what is that saying about your self-worth when you have some extra weight on your body?

​So, what can you do instead of waiting to lose weight before you buy lingerie

Embrace your size

Waiting to feel sexy until you lose weight is a losing game. Feel confident and sexy in your skin now and you’ll take better care of your body forever. Clothes are made to fit you, you don’t have to change yourself to fit into certain things.

body positivity
Buy lingerie that fits.

Putting on lingerie that doesn’t fit and isn’t flattering is not going to do anything good to your self esteem. Also squeezing yourself into lingerie that is too small will interrupt the lines of your body and give you an unflattering silhouette.

Try different styles.

Stick to what you know and love. Try different styles and colors, but wear things that make you feel sexy, and are your style. The goal is feel as confident and sexy as possible. Lingerie is just an enhancement of who you are. YOU wear the lingerie, so don’t let it wear you! If you’ve been dying to try that corset, don’t hold back.

Wear Lingerie for yourself

It’s easy to not think about lingerie if you don’t have someone to share it with, but I think that wearing sexy underwear reinforces a positive view of yourself. Lingerie is so much more than a bedroom accessory and deserves to be celebrated as something you wear every day because it makes you feel sexy. Even without an audience, wearing sexy lingerie every day sends a powerful message to yourself that you’re worth it.

Think outside of special occasion lingerie

Far too many people think that sexy lingerie has to be reserved for big occasions like a wedding or an exotic vacation. Nothing will stoke your inner confidence more than slipping into a slinky little number that hugs you in all the right places.

There are also a few underutilized styles of lingerie that can be a fun addition to your wardrobe. For many people, a garter belt is a mysterious item seen only in vintage photographs.

However, garter belts don’t have to be reserved for super sexy special occasions. Not only are they fun to wear just for yourself, but garter belts can make stockings more comfortable than pantyhose or tights.

​Have fun

If you want to try it, try it! Have fun, there’s no rules to feeling sexy. Whatever it is that makes you feel sexy, do it! If it’s a collar, or just a pair of lacy panties. Wear whatever makes you feel happy and your sexiest self.

body positivity


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