I Love My Womanizer Wave, Let Me Tell You Why

Womanizer Wave is a pleasure revolution for folks who like to jerk off in the shower. When I first saw a teaser of the Womanizer Wave I knew it was a sex toy I had to have in my collection because the showerhead and I have a long-running romance. I had high hopes and the Womanizer Wave did not personally disappoint me. I love my Womanizer Wave, let me tell you why.

Womanizer Wave

For myself and many people, sexual discovery and self-pleasure is something that was discovered accidentally. Think back to when you rubbed up against something just right, or when you realize that your back massager could massage more than just your back, or when you were in a shower or jacuzzi and figured out that the water jets could feel that amazing when pointed down below the belt. While there’s certainly no shortage of waterproof sex toys available nowadays, Womanizer found a way to take it to the next level by cutting out the middleman. The days of having to bring a sex toy into the shower with you are over because now your shower is your sex toy! The shower has always been a special place for masturbation. Since so many of us share our living spaces with people ranging from partners, kids, parents, or roommates, it can be hard to find some alone time, making the shower an ideal place to take some time for pleasure without fear of being walked in on, overheard, or interrupted.

Womanizer, known for making popular air pulse toys, teamed up with luxury bathroom product maker Hansgrohe to create the world’s first pleasure-intended shower head that was designed with solo play in mind. Less of a way of getting down and dirty and more so being wet and wild. It makes sense: most people’s first dip into self-pleasure exploration takes place in the shower. It’s usually the one room of the house where there’s always a lock on the door, you’re guaranteed alone time, with enough noise from rushing water so you don’t attract unwanted attention. You’re also already naked so it makes it even easier to leap.

How does the Womanizer Wave work?

The Womanizer Wave was made to replace your current shower head completely. So while it does also have pleasure capabilities, when it’s not being used as a sex toy it works exactly as a high-quality shower head. The shower head is intuitively designed and comes with an intensity slider that allows you to easily adjust the intensity of the water jets while you’re using it so you can add some variation while you’re using it. The main design principles that make this ‘regular shower head’ anything but, is its ergonomic ease and three jet stream styles. These are intended to stimulate the vulva and clitoris (or any other erogenous zone), in both focused and general settings.

The three jet streams are:

  • Pleasure Jet: A focused stream of water designed for constant, rhythmic stimulations
  • Pleasure Whirl: A system of three nozzles that move and spin, creating a pulsating sensation
  • Powder Rain: Covering the largest surface area and provides a constant flow.

Is the Womanizer Wave easy to install?

I am the least handy person I know, so I was worried this would be hard for me to install, but there was no need to be worried.

All I had to do was twist off my current shower head and twist on the Womanizer Wave and it was ready to go, all up the installation process took no more than two minutes.

I didn’t even have an issue having long nails which tend to give me an issue installing things


Will people be able to tell it’s a sex toy?

The design is completely inconspicuous so unless you know exactly what the Womanizer Wave looks like it, it will easily pass for a regular showerhead. There isn’t anything on it that gives away that it’s a sex toy, with no brash logo, or dick-shaped parts. It might be the most discreet sex toy I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something.

Womanizer Wave

Womanizer Wave key specs

  • Dual use (for shower and stimulation)
  • Three water jets: Pleasure Jet, Pleasure Whirl, Powder Rain
  • One-handed control: Intensity slider and select button
  • Discreet Design, optimized ergonomic shape
  • Colors: Chrome, Black, and White
  • ABS material & Silicone
  • Size: 3.46” x 2.87” x 10.63”
  • Weight: 0.42 lbs

Does the water go up your vag?

It’s not intended to, and with “normal” usage, I’m going to say no. But is it possible? If you angle it and force it there it probably will, but the point of the Womanizer Wave is more clitoral action. So as long as you’re focusing the stream around the pubic mound and clit rather than the opening of the vagina you’ll be good to go. Also, if you’re concerned about hygiene, like you should be with all sex toys, the shower head doesn’t come into contact with your genitals. The jets don’t need to be kissing your vulva to work, they just need to hover.

Womanizer Wave Full Thoughts

If you’re like me, and you enjoy solo-pleasure sessions when you’re in the shower, the Womanizer Wave can seriously upgrade your routine. There’s no other sex toy or showerhead like it, available for sale today. It’s discreet, easy to install, could reduce your water usage, and is just a nice showerhead. The Womanizer Wave transformed my usual hard water spray into a pleasantly super-soft spritz that was much gentler on my skin and hair while still being strong enough to rinse away any soap and shampoo. Under the shower jets is an easy-to-click large round button that transforms this showerhead into a serious stimulator. Press once for the Pleasure Whirl, a three-jet, focused shot of water, and twice for the Pleasure Jet, an intense shot of jets no bigger than a coin. To easily control the pressure, there’s a sliding button on the handle that takes it from nice and gentle to fast and strong, like many other vibrators. The dimensions are longer and thinner than most other showerheads, making it ideal for putting between your legs.

The Pleasure Whirl is what pushed me over the edge. Especially once you can find the right angle, it can pinpoint a particular spot, rather than just a broader stimulation. So once you find the perfect place, be prepared to orgasm, and quickly! The combination of water and warmth is incredibly relaxing. And remember that warm water helps blood flow so it can potentially be a stronger-than-normal climax for you. The Pleasure Jet is slightly softer. Since it focuses on a larger area, it stimulated more of a broader area. The Womanizer Wave will stay in my shower until I decide to move, and yes, it will be coming with me when I leave.

Womanizer Wave

The Powder Rain

The Powder Rain setting is probably the best setting to start since it’s the gentlest and least focused setting. The powder rain provides a light, almost fluttery sensation, which can get more intense when you ramp up the pressure. Try this, and all the settings on all your erogenous zones. After all, explore, you’re already naked! This is also the setting that is what one would use for a regular shower.

The Pleasure Whirl

The whirl stream is most like a pulsing sensation, even though it’s just whirling jets of water. Reminder: given the order of the settings, you might want to remember to turn the intensity down between the Rain and the Whirl, as the Whirl is more likely to target the area directly on/around your clitoris when the head is positioned towards the vulva.

The Pleasure Jet

Finally, the Pleasure Jet comes out hard and fast in a steady stream of water.

TLDR Womanizer Wave setting. The first two settings are warm-up, and the PleasureJet is the race to the finish.

At the shower head, the stream comes from a nickel coin-sized jet, with the water stream widening the further you move it away. This means you can also add more control to the intensity by moving it closer to or further from your body. The Womanizer Wave isn’t louder than a typical showerhead. But keep in mind, if you have particularly snoopy roommates, they may notice a change in the patterns of water flow. Aside from that, this toy is very discreet. You may even find it to be quieter than your old spray nozzle since Womanizer Wave’s Ecosmart technology uses up to 60% less water.

Womanizer Wave

Can this be a partner toy?

Any toy can be a partner toy if you want to use it with a partner!

If you’re inviting other people, or toys, into the shower with penetration in mind, remember to use a silicone or oil-based lubricant because water washes away moisture and water-based lubricants!

The Elephant In The Room

Since the launch of the Womanizer Wave, there’s been some eco pushback, mostly from the folks behind sex-toy company Love Not War who say that masturbating with water is a poor use of said water, and suggest that consumers, of course, buy their sex toys instead. Certainly, spending more time under any showerhead does use more water than if you were to just get out of the shower once you were clean. After all, the use of the toilet, bathtub, and washing machine all make up a larger share of our average water usage than the use of the shower, as things currently stand. So, focusing a campaign on getting people—primary folks with a vulva—to stop masturbating in the shower is sex negativity masquerading as environmentalism.

When it comes to using the Wave, it’s worth paying attention to the fact that it was designed with sustainability in mind. It uses technology that allows it to use 60 percent less water than a standard showerhead. And if you’re anything like me, it won’t take you more than a couple extra minutes of water usage beyond the typical amount of time you’d spend in the shower to get off with the Wave. Water waste is an important cause to bring up, but focusing on the excess water loss from showerhead masturbation ignores all the many different reasons why people may choose to self-pleasure this way in the first place.

A few words of advice…

This is not a sex toy where you want to go in hard and fast. As with most sex toys, starting on the highest intensity can be a bit much, depending on the person and situation. But if you’re starting from ‘zero’, don’t crank it all the way up. It typically takes a person with a vulva at least 17 minutes to be aroused and ready for penetration. Some vaginas may take up to 45 minutes from the first erotic stimuli (which could be anything from a gentle touch to a flirtatious text to a passing thought). So, don’t jump in a shower and expect miracles to happen.

It’s also really important to be mindful of water temperature! While one of the perks of the Wave is an in-built ability for temperature play, we don’t want anything too hot where it shouldn’t be. Also in terms of temperature, depending on your bathroom setup, using your showerhead between your legs might leave the rest of your body out in the cold. So making sure your bathroom is steamy, and cozy will be helpful if you don’t have another water source to stay under while your showerhead is otherwise occupied.

Finally, a caveat is that masturbation and pleasure, in general, are personal and tastes will always vary. What works for one may not work for the other. Just because I enjoyed it, doesn’t mean it’s going to rock your world. I’m someone who loved my showerhead already. Think about your preferences before you drop the money.

Womanizer Wave