Foods for Summer
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Filthy F*cking Foods for Summer

If you've looked at my blog, or attended one of my workshops you'll see my love of aphrodisiacs.

Summer, when temperatures (among other things) start to rise, can be really sexy season.

But, I think we can all agree that eating a heavy dinner isn’t  exactly going to put you in the mood. Perhaps that’s why the idea of a summer aphrodisiac is so alluring. Does thinking about A cool bite of this, or a refreshing sip of that, get you all worked up with passion and desire.

I am the first to admit that unfortunately, very few have been proven to increase desire or improve sexual function. They can however send happy vibes to your brain like serotonin, or even help blood flow. Which when you think about more blood flowing and being turned on, where do you think that blood is going to flow?

The fun bits of course!

Foods can totally help you build passion, or improve the sensual scene your encounter. While no food or drink can get guarantee a satisfying playtime without fail, the way you feel about a potential aphrodisiac makes all the difference.

You give the aphrodisiac it's importance and you control your interaction with the food and yourself as well as your partner. The real aphrodisiac (and sex organ for that matter!) is your mind and the shared sexy experience you're creating with your partner. And remember to think outside of orgasm oriented play (read more here)

The real magic of an aphrodisiac is the pleasure of the experience, not necessarily what’s on the plate. You can build anticipation and create an erotic scene for a steamy summer with these warm weather aphrodisiacs.


Foods for Summer

Dr. Bhimu Patil and the Texas A&M’s Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center specifically studied one of watermelon’s phytonutrients, citrulline. We now know that citrulline, like Viagra, has the power to relax blood vessels. Tthe body converts citrulline to L-argenine, which, Dr. Patil explains will, “boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it.” Also think of that alluring pink color. 

People subconsciously correlate pink with genitals, so visually it an also be appealing to watch someone eat a juicy piece of watermelon. Try freezing it, and running the pieces on your partners body to take it to the next level.


Not only do they contain potassium and vitamin C, they also contain anthocyanins (the stuff responsible for giving them their red color), powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation and help maintain your sex drive.


A glass of wine can help you increase your blood flow. So if you're increasing blood flow, and getting turned on you'll be sure to send all that blood to all the right places. It can also help you feel more relaxed, which means you’ll be ready for sexy time. Just be sure to not over do it.

Drinking too much alcohol can seriously put a damper on your sexual responsiveness, sensitivity, and can cause some consent concerns. Try freezing your wine, for a yummy summer instagrammable drink. Or go on a social media detox (read more here)

Foods for Summer2

Sure oysters probably come to mind, but don't disregard salmon! Its healthy omega-3 fatty acids can also help improve blood flow to the parts of your body that’ll need it the most. Plus, there’s something seductive about a perfectly-cooked salmon fillet.


There is a high amount of vitamin E in asparagus; and that can increase blood and oxygen flow to the genitals. There are also high levels of potassium; which is linked to sex hormone production.


Avocados also contain high levels of folic acid, vitamin B9 (providing the body with more energy) and vitamin B6 (which helps increase testosterone production, which can increase libido).
Last but not least

Foods for Summer

Sunlight helps regulate the body’s production of melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy. Low melatonin can also put a damper on your sexual urges. Enjoy the extra sunlight by spending time outside for a natural libido boost. Just don’t forget to use sunscreen!


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