Crash Pad Episode 290: Barbary Rose and Maxine Holloway
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Crash Pad Episode 290: Barbary Rose and Maxine Holloway

From Crash Pad about the episode

"Barbary Rose is hungry for Maxine Holloway's special postpartum treat, but she'll have to earn this mother's milk. After fucking this literal MILF with fingers and a dildo, Barbary gets a unique facial while cumming with a Magic Wand. Not for the lactose-intolerant! " 

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Initial thoughts are that I wish Maxine Holloway had a more in depth bio.

The performer bios are one of my favorite parts of Crash Pad Series. I'm nosy, what can I say? She is beautiful and can't wait to see someone new to me. Excited to see her episode after giving birth because having kids doesn't stop you from being a sexual being. 

Crash Pad Episode 290: Barbary Rose and Maxine Holloway
Crash Pad Episode 290: Barbary Rose and Maxine Holloway

And Barbary Rose is one of my favorite Crash Pad Series performers. I love her energy and I think she is a total babe. Excited to see her newest episode especially since it involves human milk!!

I love seeing Femme for Femme porn shot without the cis male gaze.

Yes as femmes we're queer enough, even if we love other femmes! As a femme who loves other femmes it's hard to find porn that is queer femme sex that isn't shot with a cis male consumer in mind. 

Also interesting to watch someone role play as mommy without necessarily doing a complete "little" scene. Being mommy, and being a caretaker can be a really intimate and tender role playing scene. Earning mommy's milk by braiding her hair is a great way to prep. 

Watching Barbary Rose put Maxine Holloway whole titty in her mouth to get the milk flowing was something I didn't know turned me on. 

Keep in mind to treat breast milk like any other sexual fluid you would exchange. For safety reasons you should be fluid bonded with the person you're doing this with, and everything that goes along with that.

BDSM isn't always spankings and fisting. It can be an tender as kissing mommy's feet and worshiping her body. BDSM like sex itself is a spectrum. Something for everyone.

Crash Pad Episode 290: Barbary Rose and Maxine Holloway
You can totally manually stimulate a vulva with long nails!

Gloves are one option, but also just being careful is another. Lube also helps everything feel better! Using the pads of your fingers typically feel better anyway. 

The best part of dildos are being able to angle them towards your partners sponge (G/P Spot) without having to contort your body. Always angle curves towards the belly button to get maximum pleasure.

The pervy joy of watching Maxine Holloway squirt milk into Barbary Rose's mouth while she's using the magic wand is I think the best thing ever! (Get the originalthe plus or rechargeable)

Crash Pad Episode 290: Barbary Rose and Maxine Holloway
The magic of Crash Pad Series is that everyone who wants to be sexual is.

There's no such thing as too fat, too old, too disabled, etc to leave your sexuality behind. Seeing someone after they've given birth owning their sexuality is truly great and empowering for me. You're in control of your sexuality and your body.

As long as there is consent, you are free to do as you please and @CrashPadSeries displays so much variety of bodies, genders, sexuality, etc. It is amazing to see even if all of it isn't a turn on for me. Someone out there is turned on by it and sees themselves and feels sexy and empowered and that's the best part of it all.

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