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#SoSS Shout our Sh*t Saturday (self care edition)

The best part of being a sexuality blogger is building community.

Unfortunately for us, it's hard to promote our writings or events because of the puritanical society we live in. Ads don't get approved on facebook, pictures get removed from instagram, so on and so forth. But because of our supportive community we will not be silenced!!!

Here is a round up of some recent posts by other bloggers worth checking out. And as always check out the #summer100 hashtag on twitter and facebook to see new and exciting posts!


Social media can be a great way to connect, but it can also be detrimental to mental health. So sometimes unplugging can be a great option. Click the above link to read more about how social media detoxing can be a radical self-care step in today’s hyper-connected world.


This was a great read about re-finding your pleasure after traumatic experiences. Trauma can manifest itself in a lot of ways and finding ways to cope is incredibly important.  This post highlighted that sometimes our pleasure can be taken from us by forces that aren’t inherently sexual. Healing is possible, you just have to find your way.


This one especially resonated with me, because I live with internal respectability politics constantly battling. I don't want to be called an angry Latina, or loud and ghetto. It's exhausting trying to speak up for yourself without being stereotyped. Just read this post, it's great!

What posts are you reading and enjoying? Is there anything you'd like to read from me? comment in this post or @ me on twitter at Makeupandsin!

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