Sex Toys Sometimes Break: How To Deal With That Emotionally And How To Care For Them.

Thanks to pop culture, with shows like Sex In The City, Broad City, Transparent, Grace And Frankie, Master Of None, etc, etc, sex toys aren’t the taboo they used to be. 

The list of shows that sex toys appear in go on and on. In fact, chances are that a large number of the people you know own at least one. But commonality doesn’t necessarily mean that having a toy box comes without a stigma.

If you’ve ever felt the awkward mix of curiosity and revulsion towards sex toys, it might be worthwhile to take a look at the experiences which have influenced why you feel that way.

It may have been some negative reactions from someone in high school, fear of offending a partner, or just the idea of having a dirty little secret that’s making you freak out.

Perhaps it’s how realistic some sex toys can look, and may remind folks of dismembered body parts. If that’s the case, try browsing stores for non-representational toys that are a little less obvious. You can get some pretty discreet toys in every category.

The easiest ones to disguise aren’t for penetration, but there are plenty of toys for penetration that don’t look like an IRL penis. Just keep in mind that everyone needs some help sometimes; and that you are entitled to your pleasure, all of it!

I was lucky, I was introduced to vibration and sex toys in a positive way, but for most folks they find out about sex toys in whispers and giggles from not so well informed peers.

My mother from the very beginning taught me about correct terminology for anatomy, which led to frank open discussions about pleasure, sexual health, and consent. I had a drawer (that I thought was well hidden,) that had a few sex toys, that she found one day and only gave me a quick, make sure you’re cleaning them properly chat.

Nothing more, nothing less, no shame involved. So I was very lucky. 

So let’s say you worked up the courage to get a toy and now it broke. The most common embarrassed sex toy customer I see are people replacing broken sex toys. Most feel embarrassed because they feel like they “wore the toy out”.

For lots of folks, just buying and using sex toys can feel shameful.

And replacing a broken one can bring up all sorts of shameful feelings. Most reputable stores offer some sort of warranty on their products, and when you buy more high end products most of them have between a one and five year warranties!

First I’m here to tell you, don’t feel bad that your toy broke. It’s an electronic device, nothing more.

You wouldn’t be embarrassed if your headphones stopped working! You would just buy new ones and not think there’s something wrong with your ears.

While most sex toys are made out of durable materials, and have come a long way in terms of technology, there is still a learning curve and room for error. You might have simply gotten a defective toy, or any other number of reasons. I’ll also list some tips to help make your toys last as long as possible. 

First tip to avoid a broken toy is to invest in a good quality toy.

If you buy a cheap toy on Amazon don’t expect it to last. Go to a reputable shop or online retailer, read reviews, see what kind of warranty is offered, and if you can afford it rechargeable toys tend to last longer.

Invest in your pleasure!

Now, I’m not saying you have to drop $200 dollars your first go at it, by all means figure out what you like before you invest that kind of money. However, toys under $30 dollars usually aren’t worth the box they’re packed in. Give yourself a budget of at least $50 to explore different toys.

Sex Toys Sometimes Break- How To Deal With That Emotionally And How To Care For Them.1

If you do get a battery operated toy, make sure you take the batteries out of it when it’s not in use.

When you leave the batteries in a toy, you’re not only possibly corroding the metal pieces in it, but you’re draining the motor as well as the batteries.

Another thing to know about battery operated toys is that the label reading “waterproof” might be misleading. A lot of companies will put waterproof on the toys when they really mean splash proof, which means you can safely take it in the shower but don’t submerge it in the tub.

If waterproof is an important feature then rechargeable toys will be your best bet. They usually have charging ports that are completely sealed and leave little room for error. Making sure you’re putting the battery cap on properly is another way to make sure your battery operated toy will last longer as well. 

Your sex toys should also be cleaned on a regular basis to help them last.

Clean your toy thoroughly after you take it out of the package and again after every use. If you tend to store your sex toys in a drawer with other things, you need to wipe them down or rinse off any dust or lint before each use.

The last thing you want is dust, lint, or some unknown substance touching your junk. All sex toys can be cleaned with a sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap and water.

If you’re using soap, make sure it’s antibacterial and unscented so perfume doesn’t get on your genitals. It can be as easy as spraying on the cleaner, and wiping down your sex toy. Non-porous materials like glass, metal, stainless steel, stone, and silicone can be boiled or cleaned in the dishwasher.

But if your toy isn’t waterproof, don’t submerge it in water, just stick with a toy cleaner or soap and water.

Sex Toys Sometimes Break- How To Deal With That Emotionally And How To Care For Them.1

The way you store your sex toys will also make a difference in the life of your toys.

Shoving your toys in any old drawer with a bunch of other random stuff can potentially cause problems. Dust and lint can coat it which forces you to have to clean it again before sexy times.

And you never know, something could get stuck in the charger connector which could make charging it later impossible or difficult. If your sex toy comes with a bag or box, use that. Once you’ve done that, it’s fine to stick your favorite vibe in a drawer with everything else.

At least you’ll know it’s protected. You also want to store all your sex toys in a cool, dry location.

Now go explore your body and enjoy all the options that toys have to offer!!!