Sex isn't always Penetration
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Sex isn’t always Penetration

Sex in general doesn’t have to prescribe to the old notion of sex being the act of being penetrated.

Sex is pretty much anything that feels sexual. How YOU choose to define sex might be an evolving definition, your sexual interests may change over time, and that’s okay.

What does “sexual activity?” mean?

Sexual activity is any activity that is considered sexual by the people who are involved. It can include the following activities and more

  • penetration
  • hugging
  • kissing
  • any sexual touching
  • intimate massage
  • oral sex
  •  manual-genital stimulation (fingering, hand jobs)
  • exposing your body to another person
  • taking sexual pictures of another person
  • showing somebody pornographic images
  • dirty talk
  • fetish activity (foot worship, puppy play, etc)
  • sex toy play
  • BDSM
  • masturbation/ mutual masturbation
  • And more!

Sex can be defined by intimacy, or not!

Some people define sex as the acts you do when you are intimate with your partner. Sex can also be when you have private, romantic time alone with your partner and you can kiss and cuddle and show affection to each other. however, some people would disagree with that. There are lots of reasons why; perhaps they don’t enjoy “romantic sex”, or maybe they prefer sexual relationships which are more like “friends with benefits” or “one-night stands”.

So sex is whatever you make of it.

At the end of the day sex is however you define it. It can be as intimate or anonymous as you’d like. With or without penetration. Even with or without clothes. Sex is whatever you want it to be, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Everyone is entitled to the sex they want to be having and not minimizing what sex means to different people. 

Sex is not defined by it’s involvement with a penis!


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