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Momotaro Apotheca Salve Review


This plant based Multi-Use Salve is made with ingredients that are known for their power to heal. With Echinacea, Tea Tree, Goldenseal and Calendula, this light topical has ingredients that have been shown to gently relieve symptoms associated with yeast and bacterial infections, as well as general irritation from sex, clothing, or exercise – the Momotaro Apotheca salve puts wellness at your fingertips. We recommend applying a dime size amount around the vulva or affected area with clean hands. Volume: 30ml

  • Oil based
  • Do not use before sex with barriers such as condoms

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momotaro salve

Initial Thoughts

Intimate health is something that is a concern for a lot of people but something that few people want to talk about. I’m someone who has had countless issues with vaginal health. I have a long history of UTIs, BV, and yeast infections. I’ve had dozens of doctor’s appointments, and countless ineffective medications. I’ve learned what works for my body, and most days I feel close to well. 

That balance is easily thrown off, however, by activities as normal as having sex, eating spicy food, or getting my period. I’d basically accepted my fate of a lifetime of intimate discomfort when a new product started popping up in my Instagram feed: a multi-use salve from organic vaginal wellness company Momotaro Apotheca, which promises real relief from the pain caused by both candida and BV—and from irritation caused by sex, exercise, and tight clothing to boot—while also treating the causes of said infections.

Was it possible to soothe my symptoms while healing their underlying causes, all without a trip to the clinic? I love all natural solutions, but also take them with a grain of salt.

75 percent of people who have a vagina will experience a yeast infection; unfortunately, for many of us- any change to the vagina’s delicate PH can leave us vulnerable to other infections. What that means is that the meds that treat yeast infections promote BV and vice versa, causing an endless cycle of embarrassment, discomfort, and illness.


The formula is smooth and balmy and smells pleasantly of tea tree, like a soothing mix of herbal and minty scents. The first thing that I noticed was the salve’s cooling sensation – that distinctive tea tree oil really means business. I bought it when during the height of the pandemic when I couldn’t see a doctor even if I wanted to and was feeling BV coming on, and I truly felt relief. Genuine, honest-to-Goddess relief. No burning. No itching. No smell.

But was it actually helping, or was this a band aid? I’m happy to say that after a few days of sporadically applying it, I felt better then I had in months. The best is after rough sex, or long sex sessions it helps me not be as sore, but also helps prevent any issues that would have previously come up.

I was concerned about spending so much on such a small jar, but as someone who uses way more then the recommended in general, not only does a little but go a long way, but I really do find that it lasts and is worth every penny.

Get your own Momotaro Salve here.

momotaro salve


If you ask me, our vulvas and vaginas do not get the attention they deserve nor do we talk about it enough. From wearing tight clothes while working out to excess sweating, shaving and sex, we put our intimate parts through the wringer and often do not know what to do when irritation ensues.

Most first reactions when said irritation occurs is to freak out to their doctor (totally normal!) or to slather antifungal cream on the situation and call it a day. And you should definitely see a medical professional if your symptoms are stubborn and debilitating (try not to self-diagnose yourself).

While this might not work for you, I think the biggest issue of this product is that it seems too good to be true because of the societal things we’re told about our vaginas and vulvas. While this company does not participate in the shaming that other companies do, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to try this because someone told you that you smell. The vagina should have it’s own natural smell, it’s when your PH is off and you’re uncomfortable should you be thinking about getting this product.

So while I know not everything works for everyone, the only issue I can think of with this product is the shame consumers might feel for needing it. But if it gives you relief who cares!!! They don’t advertise it as a way to refresh your vagina!

Finals Thoughts

This product really helped me and I love the mission statement and values of the company. While I know it won’t work for everyone, I strongly believe if you need relief, to give it a try.

momotaro salve

While probiotics, sleeping naked, and avoiding soaps and harsh chemicals when washing up will help you live your best life; the most impoartant piece to take away is LOVE YOURSELF. You are perfect, you smell perfect, you taste, look and feel perfect. Do not give a single ounce of energy to people or companies who say differently. Vaginas and vulvas are complicated and amazing parts of our body. Let’s treat them and ourselves with respect.

Get your own Momotaro Salve here.

I purchases this salve and decided to review it. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Some of the links are affiliate links, if you buy something you won’t pay a penny more but I’ll get a small commission. Thanks!

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