How To Use Grinding Toys For The Most Pleasure

There hasn’t been a new category of sex toys in a while, but along came grinding toys. And folks that like to hump, grind, and trib against objects and sex toys rejoiced especially since the category seemed to expand and blow up so quickly. If you’re a person who enjoys humping objects—like pillows, the bed, or even a partner’s leg—then grinding toys are an exciting new option definitely worth exploring. People who enjoy grinding know that it’s not always about size or girth or strength, sometimes it’s all about the rhythm, texture, and friction. Whether you’re using a designated sex pillow, grinding sex toy, or luxury ride-on vibrator. If you’re humping face-down, it likely also means that your nipples, stomach, face, and thighs are also creating friction with whatever surface you’re on, which creates more stimulation and potential orgasms.

Most of us realize that sex includes grinding, for maximum pleasure. Folks who get off by grinding just came to the realization sooner, of just how magical friction can be in the bedroom. However, grinding sex toys might add some variety to their masturbation session. For some of us, pain or dexterity issues might make it more difficult to masturbate with our hands or a sex toy, so grinding and humping are useful solo pleasure hacks. Plenty of people simply don’t like using our hands and fingers to masturbate for a myriad of personal reasons. However, the people that we’re not doing these types of motions for pleasure, solo or partnered, were left wondering “how the heck do you use grinding toys?”

Types Of Humping Vibrators

The first kind of humping toys or vibrating pads, or grinding vibrators, will typically have two lumps, with two vibrating motors. Once you’re sitting on top of the toy, you can rock your hips forward, and grind your clit onto one raised bump. Then the other bump can rest under the vagina or perineum, vibrating all over. The 2nd kind is just a squishy pad of various shapes that you can cup the grinder in your palm, add your favorite water-based lube then caress, slide, and pulse on your erogenous area of choice. With that style, other ways to use grinding toys you can try is different motions like up and down movements, circular rocking, or scooping motions.

How To Use Grinding Toys

  1. No matter what you’re doing with it, use lube. Adding some slip to your grinder will make everything feel better.
  2. Pair it with a wand by sticking it on the head between the wand and your genitals
  3. Put the toy on a flat surface (chair, stool, arm of the couch), then sit on the toy and grind on it
  4. Put the toy on the edge of your bed, then sit on top of it with your feet on the floor for better leverage and then grind on it
  5. For the Uncover Creations fantasy grinders with straps, you can strap it to a normal pillow and then grind or hump that pillow.
  6. Put the grinder on top of a high-density pillow like one from Liberator or, if it’s a ridable vibrator you can sit on it. The extra height of a toy mount lets you ride “cowgirl style” more naturally, so your legs can power your movements.
  7. For handheld grinders lie back and rub it on your genitals. Add other toys and sensations, like a dildo, thruster, or a vaginal or butt plug.
  8. Add texture for the wearer of the harness, and put it on the back of the dildo in the harness. Now the top has a soft, squishy surface to rub on while penetrating a partner if you can get it positioned just right.
  9. Toys add to the sensations of genital-to-genital contact. Put it between the bodies when scissoring. You can even put two back-to-back if both sides don’t have texture.
  10. Put it on the back of a dildo before you put it in your harness, or while getting a BJ and wearing a harness.
  11. Put a double-sided suction cup on the back to give you something to grab, or make it easier to stick to a dildo.
  12. Mutual masturbation where you’re both using a grinder
  13. Riding/humping a grinder while making out with your partner.
  14. Using a grinder on your partner
  15. Putting a grinder on your thigh and encouraging a partner to grind against it
  16. Fucking them while they use a grinder on themselves

Luxury Ride-On Vibrators

I’ve reviewed the Cowgirl and if you enjoy very strong vibrators and have it in your budget I say go for it. A ride-on vibrator or fuck machine are larger sex machines as big as a piece of furniture and loud. They typically thrust, vibrate, twirl, and delivering intense sensations that lead to earth-shattering pleasure. Rideable sex saddles include a base that you or your partner will literally ride. A dildo is attached to the top of the riding vibrator and inserted into the body. Most sex saddles have various attachments, so you can choose a size that works for you or a flat piece for those not interested in penetration. The controls of the riding vibrator machine can be customized to your preference, ranging from lighter sensations to intense sensations.

Toys to try for Non-Vibrating Grinders


For non-vibrating grinding toys, it’s really a personal preference for what texture speaks to you and which design you’re attracted to. Most are varying degrees of softness. So my best advice is to be attracted to the design, after all, you have to want to fuck it. And think about what textures you’ve enjoyed or are curious to try. Then you can explore how you want to use grinding toys and which toys you want to explore.

Tenga makes unique, wet, one-time-use strokers to grind against in a few different textures.

Pelle makes the softest grinders I’ve ever felt, so if soft if what is most important to you, one of these are going to be best for you.

Bumpher is technically supposed to be used on the back of dildos, but can also totally be held and ground against or used solo on the back of a dildo.

Uberrime makes creatively shaped and uniquely textured grinders. These are pretty soft and squishy as well.

Velvet Alley Toys is the toy for the person looking for a truly unique toy to add to their collection

Uncover Creations are perfect for someone who loves tentacles

Sportsheets Grinders go on the back of dildos, or can be held, but are smooth and just add something softer to grind against.

non-vibrating fantasy

Vibrating Grinding Toy Options


There are palm-sized options and mid-priced ride-on vibrating options. You can figure out how to use grinding toys when you pick which toy you want to explore with and give it a shot.

The Je Joue Mimi, Dame Pom, ROMP Wave Starsi, and We-Vibe Touch are all hand-held and palm-sized vibes that are soft and flexible and fit perfectly into your hand and can be easily and comfortably ground into.

The Vibepad, Lust, and Rocks Off are all affordable ride-on vibrators, easy to sit on and grind against.

Explore, explore, explore

So now go forth and explore the many different sensations, and textures available for you to try. What will you try first?