Hot Octopus Queen Bee Review

The Queen Bee with patented PulsePlate Technology™

“Founded on medical science and patented across the world, the Queen Bee is a powerful next-generation clitoral stimulator. Utilizing our multi-award winning PulsePlate Technology™ to deliver a unique and intense experience, the Queen Bee is setting new standards for female toys. Unlike conventional sex toys, the Queen Bee uses a ‘piston’-type mechanism in order to generate extremely deep and rumbly oscillations. These high-amplitude oscillations are significantly more powerful and intense than standard vibrations and often lead to a unique and very powerful orgasm.”(from their site)

Initial Thoughts:I was excited to try this product because there isn’t anything like it. 

The closest thing would be the Eroscillator which rubs back and forth where the Queen bee is essentially creating a tapping sensation. The Queen Bee also offers two sides, one with the PulsePlate, and another side that lightly transmits the pulses that also contains some texture. I think this could be great for warm up before putting the PulsePlate directly on your genitals. I’m also not turned off by toys that are kind of big and bulky, if you couldn’t tell by my love of wands. So high hopes were had.

Pros: the Queen Bee seems to be trying to be more like a wand than a clit vibrator, due to the shape and the broad surface area of the part that touches the clit.

But the PulsePlate focus makes this toy feel much more like a clitoral stimulator than a wand. It does offer different speeds and patterns to explore, as well as being waterproof which I always appreciate. This toy would be perfect for someone on the hunt for a flatter shape toy with deep sensations, or for people that maybe don’t enjoy traditional vibration. However these were the only positive comments I could muster about this toy.

Cons: Shape wise, the toy could be better.

The broad head of wands are usually rounded, which allows you to basically nuzzle it ergonomically on the vulva, where the Queen Bee’s plate has a flat surface, making it hard to draw it close to your junk, making the sensations feel weak to me. You would need a very specific anatomy for the plate to fit comfortably and I certainly didn’t have it.

I feel like if the PulsePlate was on the tip it would make more sense in terms of anatomy. Another issue that I had using the toy was when I applied any pressure to the plate, it would stop moving. I also am not a huge fan of the material, especially because it is over $100 dollars and is made out of a material that does absorb bacteria.

The TPE is rough in a way that my vulva did not like, even with lube to make it slide around more. The sound of the toy is also a HUGE turn-off. It is LOUD, and this is coming from someone who isn’t bothered by the sound of the Original Magic Wand. The gap between the plate and the toy itself is also not the most enjoyable thing to clean, because lube and body fluids get in there and are extremely hard to get out.

Last Thoughts: This toy has the bare minimum of requirements for a luxury toy.

It is waterproof with multiple functions as well as rechargeable. However, and this is a huge however, the sensations won’t even be felt by a majority of folks because of how the Plate is set up. It also is made out of a porous material, so not only does it absorb bacteria, but it has a pretty unpleasant texture. And last but not least, that noise! It is simply unsexy. This toy needs a ton of updates to it’s design before I would recommend it to anyone.