Happy Girth Day To All Size Royalty

If you’ve never heard the term size queen, it’s basically a term that is slang for a person, originally a gay person, who prefers their sexual partner(s) to have a larger-than-average penis or sex toy.

I prefer to say size royalty to talk about folks who enjoy being penetrated by larger toys or a large penis. It helps include men, women and non-binary people that love huge objects in their hole(s)

When I tell other people about the large toys and dick that I love, they ask me about my vagina: Is it unusually deep in there? No, I don’t have a wide set vagina. 

Happy Girth Day To All Size Royalty

Most vaginal canals are about 4-6 inches when unaroused. However, vaginas are amazing and they can basically expand to accommodate bigger objects when you become aroused.

Typically, the more aroused you are, the further back your cervix (the end of the vagina) goes. During arousal, blood flow to the genitals increases. The increased blood flow helps to begin the production of lubrication, and causes swelling in the clitoris, labia, and vagina. As you continue to get aroused the labia can swell in size and deepen their natural color.

The vagina expands and lengthens, too, as the uterus is pulled upward into the body, changing the position of the cervix. Protecting it from being pounded while you’re being penetrated. The G-spot also swells to protect your urethra from being banged around during penetration. Aren’t bodies amazing!!

Happy Girth Day To All Size Royalty

The universal orifice, your butt hole, is even more inviting. It is a never ending tunnel that can be stretched to your hearts content.

Just know that since the other end of your butt is indeed your mouth, that anything you put in there needs to have a base so it doesn’t send you to the hospital with an embarrassing story to tell. Also remember that the back door does not self lubricate, so lube is a must!! Read some lube options here.

Typically the person that does the penetrating is allowed to have any kind of preference they want. There is a stigma for the receiving partner to have a preference. We tend to slut shame those who know what they want when it involves their sexuality. 

If you are judging someone purely based on physical attributes you can be seen as shallow, but knowing what you like sexually can be empowering as long as you aren’t shaming peoples bodies.

This also doesn’t mean completely discounting folks who might not fit into your fantasy. Also not making assumptions about peoples bodies, especially when it involves their race. At the end of the day, it’s about preference. Some people like the sensation of being stretched or feeling full and some folks don’t like it. Large is always widely subjective, it all depends on the person what they even consider a large item to insert inside their hole(s)

Want to try larger toys? Here are some tips:

Don’t Set Expectations On Your Body.

It can add unnecessary pressure to what’s suppose to be a fun experience. With any kind of sex, expectations can be an issue. Sometimes when you meet someone and fantasize about them you can start creating the scenario in your head. We’ve pretty much been conditioned to do so by our digital hookup culture, and our sex apps.

You start messaging each other about what the experience will be, what they want to do, etc. It’s easy to fantasize an expectation for your body and if that doesn’t happen when you finally meet it can leave you feeling defeated and deflated — feelings no one needs after sex. Try not to set expectations. Just have fun and see what happens.

Happy Girth Day To All Size Royalty

Start Small and Work Your Way Up.

This goes for any hole your penetrating. Once your smaller-sized insertable becomes easy to take, purchase one slightly bigger, and give it a try. Keep with that one for a bit, then go bigger. Don’t rush, listen to your body. Pain is your body’s way of telling you to slow down or to stop. Listen to those signals your body is sending. Going too fast, or too large too quickly, can cause injury. The skin of your genitals is very delicate and this is about pleasure, not pain.

Use Lubricant!

No matter which hole you’re stretching I recommend lubricant. It cuts down on friction which makes taking bigger toys or a penis much easier, plus it helps prevent little tears in the sensitive skin of you genitals. Checkout some of my favorite lubes here.

Foreplay and Warm Up are Key.

The more warmed up your body is the more relaxed and accepting of larger objects it becomes. The more blood flow and lubrication to your genitals the better. Size training can be a great way to start sex if you have a patient partner who will listen to you and go at your speed. After spending time playing with smaller toys and warming up you’ll loose up and be able to take larger things for longer times.

Happy Girth Day To All Size Royalty

Don’t use numbing products.

They make numbing products for throats, butts, and penises. I don’t reccomend any of them. Pain happens for a reason. it’s your body alerting your mind that there is an injury or potential for injury happening somewhere in your body. In sex, pain doesn’t always mean “stop,” but it does mean “slow down” or “be gentle.” It could mean you need more lube, need to change positions, switch stimulation, or even size down to something smaller for a bit.

Don’t try to imitate porn.

The warm up, and preparation performers do before their scene typically aren’t shown or even acknowledged. You never see the initial stretching, training, stops and starts, mishaps, or years of practice. You don’t see when someone just needs a break, all those things get edited out. Even professionals that are taking huge toys or fists are doing warm up before the scene you’re viewing. 

Happy Girth Day To All Size Royalty5

Whatever your fantasy is with rough or larger penetration, you still need some warm-up.

You can achieve these fantasies with practice and patience, but not without putting in the work.

Now go forth! you shouldn’t dive into sex and go hard without some initial foreplay, some buildup. Skipping the experience of slowly getting into sexual head space and loosening up the body will result in lackluster sex.