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Elvie Kegel Trainer Review

Elvie is an award-winning exercise tracker for your pelvic floor. the elvie is a small pebble-shaped pod designed to help you exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Using Bluetooth, it connects to an app on your Smartphone to guide you through five-minute pelvic floor workouts and chart your performance over time.

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Initial Thoughts: I love charts and graphs so I was excited to have qualitative data about my pelvic floor.

I want to be able to crush someone to death with my pelvic floor muscles and this was just the tracker/kegel exerciser that I needed to do that. You ever see a woman pull a car with her vagina? I want to be that woman. But seriously everyone should be doing pelvic floor exercises. For people with vaginas it’s important because it helps bladder control (you ever pee a little when you laugh?), helps blood flow to the genitals so you stay moist as you age, helps your core muscles, and most importantly helps make your orgasms stronger!

Pros: It is made out of a silicone, which is a great non porous material.

Which means it safe to use for everyone, even if you are someone who is very sensitive. The material does not absorb bacteria so it is not only safe to use over long periods of time, but it also means it is an incredibly durable material. The size is also a good starting point, small enough to not intimate but also comes with a cover so if you have a wider vagina it can accommodate most bodies.

My favorite part of the exercises is the fact that it is not just training you to squeeze it has levels to it. The squeeze is just as important as slowly releasing those muscles. The high price tag also kind of guilts me into using the Elvie more often and making it part of my routine. The different workouts are also interesting enough to keep me engaged which is important. This is by far the most user friendly and interesting kegel exerciser I have ever used.

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Honestly the only con I really experienced was the battery drain from the app but,

That comes with the territory of any Bluetooth app. Also the price tag is pretty high, but I guess you can’t put a price on pelvic floor health. You only get one body in this lifetime, treat it right!

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Final Thoughts: The app and Elvie itself was easy to use, and the app is really fun to track your pelvic floor strength.

I mean, fit bits are popular for a reason. I know I’m not the only nerd who likes looking at charts and tracking data! This is literally like a fit bit for your bits! All in all if you are really invested in your pelvic floor health, which you should be this is a great investment. It is pricey but it is a one time fee with a well made exerciser that is built to last. If aren’t sure you’re targeting the correct muscles, have bladder control issues, or just want a crazy strong pelvic floor this toy is for you.


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