Crash Pad Episode 260: Emperatrix and Nicki Honey
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Crash Pad Episode 260: Emperatrix and Nicki Honey

From Crash Pad about the episode
“Negotiation before kinky scenes isn’t just vital, it’s also hot! After defining boundaries, bratty bottom Nicki Honey gets tossed around and beaten up by bossy Emperatrix. Wrapped in rope, Nicki’s easy to overpower and finger fuck. Emperatrix then rewards them with release, letting Nicki fuck Emperatrix with a big, beautiful dildo.”

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So both Crash Pad Series performers talk about representation in porn and that’s super important to me. I grew up mixed Afro-Dominican and Polish Jew, and I rarely see folks that look like me.

When I do, they’re usually being fetishized in a really unsexy way. I crave seeing other Brujas making magic on camera. And I love that Emperatrix is a radical sex educator like myself. And that Nicki Honey actively seeks out performers that they can relate to.

As a sex educator I love using porn as a visual reference for things I’m teaching about & it is nearly impossible to find representations of consent negotiations. This is simply amazing. They even go in depth about which words mean hard no, & which mean ease up. No isn’t typically a good safe word because sometimes saying no can be part of a fun game. But only if you discuss it first!

Saying no, and struggling or nearing boundaries can be intimate and fun with consent! Clarifying which words your bottom is ok with is an amazing way to avoid triggers. Someone might be ok with being degraded in certain ways, but not others.

Crash Pad Episode 260: Emperatrix and Nicki Honey

I can’t wait to see if Nicki Honey’s collar is going to be utilized in a fun way. But for now, some tender kisses.

This episode is a great example of bondage without physical restraints. You can always have your bottom hold their hands behind their back, or over their head. And then fun punishments can ensue if they move their hands. Even though they have a safe word, Emperatrix verbally checks in with Nicki during some genital slapping. Embodying good topping communication.

And I got my wish. Emperatrix uses Nicki’s collar to pull them when they’re being a bratty bottom and not following directions.

Crash Pad Episode 260: Emperatrix and Nicki Honey

With sexy punching just try to avoid major organs, like kidneys! 

Control the punch, and keep checking in with your bottom. Check, check, and check from Emperatrix. The bratty bottom who fights and doesn’t just give up their submission is something I don’t think mainstream porn has explored a ton of. And it’s a fun dynamic to watch. Sometimes the struggle is part of the fun. I love how Emperatrix is full of Nickis glitter.

Crash Pad Episode 260: Emperatrix and Nicki Honey
This episode also shows that just because you’re topping, doesn’t mean you can’t switch or simply enjoy being the receptive partner.

I greatly appreciate Nicki just using their body with no harness to penetrate Emperatrix. listen, sometimes the harness isn’t near you and you don’t wanna interrupt the scene. Or perhaps you spent all your money on an expensive bad dragon dildo and don’t have a harness. Sex is about improvisation.

Crash Pad Episode 260: Emperatrix and Nicki Honey

Seeing a peak into the come down and aftercare was a perfect way to end this episode.

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