Clearing your space
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Clearing your space

Having a clear space to just live in and also to create rituals and rid our homes of negativity is so important to living your best life.

So step one to clearing your space of negative energy is also just getting rid of things you don’t need and literally cleaning your space. So actually cleanse your home and rid it of rubbish, dirt, and clutter. In terms of clutter, pick up an item and if you don’t need it, and it doesn’t bring your joy, then get rid of it.

A cluttered house can lead to cluttered energy. Windows and doors should also be left open to allow negative energy to escape from the house during the cleansing process. Pay particular attention to areas where water, electricity, or gas comes in or out, where the electrical panel is located, any heat sources, and appliances.Remember the hallways are rooms of a sort, too.

Most popular Clearing methods via the elements:

  • ​​​​Salt or Earth (The Element of Earth)

Kosher salt placed in a bowl and sprinkled throughout the home is commonly used in house blessings. White salt has protective and purifying characteristics, while black salt is said to remove and absorb negative energy from a home. Some people will set up a circle of protection with salt around the outside of the home to keep negative energy away. Actual earth can be used in place of salt.

Clearing your space

Salt from the sea

  • Smudge Sticks or Incense (The Element of Air)

The smoke of herbs, most often sage,cedar, or sweetgrass, either in smudge stick or incense form, can be aired about to remove negative energy from each room. After performing this ritual in all rooms, air the sage smoke over yourself and any other members of your home. You will feel a sense of lightness, peace and clarity in yourself and your space.

Clearing your space
  • Candles (The Element of Fire)

Candles, especially white candles, are carried into each room. To increase the potency of the candle’s cleansing properties, people sometimes inscribe the candle with the intentions, or sigals, and then anoint it with oils of sage, copal, or cedar.

Clearing your space
  • Rose Water (The Element of Water)

Rose water helps when cleansing yourself and any space of unwanted energies. Rose water also helps with lifting your mood and vibrational level. It envelops the energy in the area, and transforms it into a lovely, delicate vibration that is conducive to peace and positive thinking. Rose water can also be a tool for creating a magnetic aura. When you mist yourself you raise your vibration and surround yourself in a beautiful glowing light that pulls positive people toward you.

Clearing your space
Some Other Ways!
  • Musical Instruments (Bells, Drums, Singing Bowls)

The sound of various instruments may be used to break up the negative vibrational energy in a space. Ringing bells or going room to room clapping your hands can dispel low or stagnant vibes in the house. Wind chimes in the yard or doorway can break up negative energy that surrounds the home. There’s also natures way of doing it, with thunderstorms!

  • Brooms

A broom can be used to figuratively sweep or remove the negative energy from all areas during a house blessing. It’s a good idea to start and finish near a door, so that negative energy can literally be swept outside.

  • Protective Crystals

Place crystals near windows, above doorways, and or in corners in your home / rooms. Crystals are excellent cleansers. You can also place one clear quartz crystal in each of the four most further corners of your home. This is believed by many to create an energetic seal that keeps good energy in and bad energy out.


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