Bliss Bazaar: A Day of Exploration and Empowerment

Ridgewood, Queens, NYC — Get ready for a day of excitement, enlightenment, and empowerment at The Bliss Bazaar! Carly S., the popular blogger behind “Dildo or Dildont,” is curating a unique event that promises to be a celebration of pleasure, education, and liberation. Bliss Bazaar is an event curated by Carly S, bringing together a community of like-minded individuals for a day of exploration, education, and celebration. It aims to break taboos, foster empowerment, and create an inclusive space for all to embrace their desires and passions.

Event Highlights

Enlightening Workshops

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Dive into enlightening workshops led by renowned speakers such as Lola Jean, Megan Ixim, Tricia Wise, Valentine Tobar, and hosted by Dirty Lola!

Lola Jean is a Sex Educator, Fetish Wrestler, headmistress of 7 Days of Domination, and World Record Holder for Volume Squirting (solo.) providing the No Frills Sex Education we both need and deserve. Lola brings a refreshing understanding to sex, sexuality, and kink to push individuals past what they think they are capable of.

Megan Ixim is an entrepreneur, advocate, and all-around content creator focusing on body acceptance, fashion, sex education, and branding.

Tricia Wise, aka Safe Slut is a NYC based writer, reiki master, adult model, herbalist, sex toy biz owner, content creator, activist and sexual health advocate.

Valentine Tobar, is an educator, artist, writer and activist.

Dirty Lola is an award-winning sex edutainer, speaker, and self-proclaimed dildo slinger. Known for her live sex ed, Q&A show Sex Ed A Go-Go, and as a Sexpert on the Netflix docuseries The Principles of Pleasure, Lola has spent over a decade working to end the stigma and shame surrounding sex and sexuality.

These sessions will cover everything from squirting techniques to building body confidence in the bedroom.

Electrifying Performances

Enjoy electrifying performances by Crimson Kitty and the sensational naked trumpeter, adding a touch of excitement to the event.

Diverse Vendor Showcase

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Explore various pleasure-centric products from vendors like Spectrum Boutique, Edonista, Kinstruments, Momotaro Apotheca GrlPwrArt, The Sex Shed,

Oohlulucherrybox, Reap What You SewMatthew Dean Stewart, BreadXButta, Le Wand, b-Vibe, Intentional Blends, and more.

Don’t forget to get your love forecast with Gwen Walsh, our events Tarot reader!

Light Bath Photos

Jarid Blue is a Brooklyn-based artist who creates immersive photographic installations using light projection and custom designs. Drawing inspiration from his hospitality background, Blue aims to provide positive and transformative experiences for his subjects. His signature “Light Baths” series uses projected light to transform the model’s body into an interactive canvas, empowering participants to express themselves in ways they may not have thought possible.

You’ll have the chance to take your own light bath photos!

Event Details

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– **Date:** February 10th
– **Time:** Noon to 5pm
– **Location:** TVEYE in Ridgewood, Queens, NYC
– **Age Requirement:** 21 and up

Don’t miss this opportunity to join an event that embraces exploration, education, and empowerment. Whether you’re looking to enhance your intimate knowledge or simply enjoy a day filled with excitement, Bliss Bazaar has something for everyone. Bliss Bazaar: A Day of Exploration and Empowerment. The first 50 attendees will receive a gift bag full of goodies and a raffle ticket for entry to win a multitude of prizes.

Secure your spot for this unforgettable experience by visiting here or following Carly S on Instagram @Makeupandsin for updates.

Let’s make February 10th a day of pleasure, learning, and celebration! See you at Bliss Bazaar!

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About Carly S

Carly S, widely known as @Makeupandsin, is a trailblazing blogger, entrepreneur, and advocate for pleasure and empowerment. With her popular blog “Dildo or Dildont” Carly is dedicated to creating spaces where individuals can explore their desires without judgment.

Additional Information

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For additional information about the event, including sponsorship opportunities and press passes, please contact