Episode 306: Dylan Ryan and T.Pfister

Dylan Ryan needs no introduction, and when she brings T.Pfister to the CrashPad you know she’ll live up to her name! After bending Dylan over and eating her ass, T.Pfister fingerfucks her until she squirts all over the bed. Later Dylan rides T.Pfister’s whole hand for another mattress-wrecking orgasm, before changing saddles and sitting on her face. Whelp, guess I’m doing laundry today.

CrashPad Episode 297: ACAB and Unkle Daddy Review

Unkle Daddy needs someone handy to get handsy with, and ACAB’s an eager helper. After some fun with a flogger, candle wax, and clothes pins, Unkle discovers ACAB’s secret project… a cordless, DIY fucking machine! Well, it’s a sawzall with a dildo attached, but you have to admire the ingenuity! Now ACAB’s at the business end of a couple thousand strokes per minute, guided by Unkle’s itchy trigger finger. Now we’re playing with power!