Fucktober Part One

It’s right in the middle of spooky season, and everyone I know is in the midst of watching all of the Halloween classics like Hocus Pocus, the Craft, Nightmare Before Christmas and more. Have you every wondered what your favorite spooky character’s would be using during their play times?

CrashPad Episode 297: ACAB and Unkle Daddy Review

Unkle Daddy needs someone handy to get handsy with, and ACAB’s an eager helper. After some fun with a flogger, candle wax, and clothes pins, Unkle discovers ACAB’s secret project… a cordless, DIY fucking machine! Well, it’s a sawzall with a dildo attached, but you have to admire the ingenuity! Now ACAB’s at the business end of a couple thousand strokes per minute, guided by Unkle’s itchy trigger finger. Now we’re playing with power!